You know that you can use Instagram to promote your brand and get more customers, but are you really using it correctly? I will show you how to use SEO for your Instagram.

It seems like you're struggling to find your way in the online space and grow your Instagram, so here is a blogpost that can help you reach more people.

  • Make sure your user name is unique, memorable and has some weight behind it. You should be able to find someone with the same username on another platform if they use the same brand or service as yours (e.g., if they have an Instagram account under @gmail). Also make sure that no one else has used this username before because then they’ll easily beat out other accounts using it!
  • Use hashtags correctly – If someone searches for something specific (like “toddler shoes”) then adding #toddlershoes into their search query will return results that include anything related specifically towards toddlers’ shoes rather than general things such as “baby clothes”.


Hopefully, this blogpost has helped you find your way in the online space and grow your Instagram. It seems like you’re stuck with a lot of stuff to do, but I promise it can be done! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.